Flair Airlines

AIRLINES: Flair unveils first Boeing 737-800NG

First Flair 737-800

Flair Airlines revealed its first leased 737-800. The plane is scheduled for service to the United States starting January 2019. (photo: Flair)

Flair Airlines has unveiled a major milestone in its expansion plans – its first leased Boeing 737-800NG aircraft in a mixed livery.

The aircraft is scheduled to enter service in January 2019. Two other leased 737-800s are scheduled to enter service in the next few days, mainly on services to the United States.

The -800NG is part of a significant transition for Flair. The airline currently flies seven older Boeing 737-400s. By late next year, Flair expects to be flying 11 aircraft, the majority of them -800NGs.

The -800NG model is longer, more modern and can fly farther than Flair’s current fleet. It also burns less fuel and costs less to operate per available seat mile.

The Edmonton-based ultra low-cost airline recently announced an ambitious expansion, concentrating on seasonal routes, including service from Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto to sun destinations in Palm Springs, Miami, Phoenix/Mesa, Las Vegas, Orlando and St. Pete/Clearwater.

The airline claims cities where it operates benefit from dramatically lower fares and see more first-time air travellers.

Flair has not yet released its summer schedule.

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