About WAN

We exist to bring understanding of the aviation world to everyone.

We pledge to go beyond the headline to get at the nub of a story, to help you understand not just what is happening, but why. At Western Aviation News, we’ll always go one level deeper.

We’ll ask the hard questions, and find sources and data to give the news context and put events in perspective.

Our policies demand at least two sources of information on each story, along with providing useful embedded links to original sources as often as possible.

Support WAN

We are funded by advertising, without subscription fees, and we want to keep it that way so everyone can share our passion. Please consider donating today.


Western Aviation is the brain child of Brett Ballah, an experienced writer and journalist in Vancouver, Canada. He grew up watching 737s from Pacific Western Airlines fly over his house, and has maintained a passion for the airline industry ever since.


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