Air Canada

Canada-Brussels air service realigned


Star Alliance partners Brussels Airlines and Air Canada have realigned their service between Canada and Brussels, offering five more flights every week to Belgium.

The two airlines announced new services Wednesday, with Air Canada trumpeting its new service between Toronto and Brussels in a news release.

“We are pleased to launch new non-stop, year-round flights from Toronto to Brussels, complementing our successful Montreal-Brussels service now celebrating its tenth anniversary,” said Mark Galardo, Vice President of Network Planning at Air Canada in a statement. This is a further expansion of Air Canada’s reach to Europe and beyond.”

The five weekly flights will be aboard Boeing 787-800 aircraft year-round.

Less noticed, was an announcement by Brussels Airlines, owned by Lufthansa, and part of the Star Alliance since 2009.

The airline will drop its Toronto seasonal service and add seasonal Montreal service to its network five times a week through the summer, adding 2,900 weekly seats on the route, and further reinforcing the Alliance’s dominance of the trans-Atlantic market from Canada.

Montreal is a real added value for the Brussels Airlines network,” said Frederic Dechamps, Senior Director Sales Belgium for Brussels Airlines. “It is a strong market out of Belgium, with over 75,000 potential travelers a year. Montreal is very relevant both for business and leisure travelers, and the appealing destination can easily be stimulated for both individual and group travel. We are looking forward to adding Montreal to our portfolio.”

If Air Canada’s purchase of Air Transat is approved, the Star Alliance will control more than two-thirds of the market between Canada and Europe.

The concentration of market share will be particularly noticeable in Montreal, where Air Canada operates a major hub, and where Air Transat is based. At the same time, international traffic from Montreal – particularly to Europe – has set a torrid pace in the first half of the year, jumping almost 10% this year over last year’s record numbers.