Domestic passengers lead growth at YEG


Edmonton International Airport reported, Tuesday, that passenger numbers hit a single-month record in August, surpassing 630-thousand people departing and arriving the terminal.

The airport, which is just days away from opening the newest expansion to its terminal on Saturday, has seen rapid growth this year, thanks in part to a soaring economy fuelled by the oil patch.

Most of that growth came in the domestic departure lounge, where passenger numbers to destinations within Canada rose nine per cent, to more than half a million.

The figures, as released by Edmonton Airports:

Overall 630,505 passengers* (4,498,027 Year to Date)
Domestic 523,621 passengers (3,439,992 Year to Date)
Transborder 87,231 passengers (777,094 Year to Date)
International 19,653 passengers (280,941 Year to Date)
Rolling 12 Month 6,561,349
*New Single Month Record

Overall 8.0% (6.7% Year to Date)
Domestic 9.0% (6.7% Year to Date)
Transborder 3.2% (7.4% Year to Date)
International 5.7% (4.9% Year to Date)