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Canadian air traffic controllers share the love

It started as an idea from air traffic controllers in Edmonton… how to show support to their colleagues in Anchorage who are having to work without pay because of the ongoing partial shutdown of the United States Government?

Soon, it developed into an all-out cross-border pizza party with messages popping up in control towers across America, such as the one posted in New York Oceanic Control: “The Canadian Air Traffic Controller Association from both Moncton and Gander has graciously decided to buy all of ZNY pizza in a show of solidarity and support during the Government shutdown.

“A variety of 32 Pies have been ordered.”

UPDATE: On June 17, controllers and staff from Vancouver Centre sent pizza to air traffic controllers in Seattle, Anchorage and Maui, making more than 260 pizzas sent to 700 air traffic control staff in the U.S. in the past week.

The gesture of good will has prompted an ongoing flurry of tweets of appreciation from south of the border.

The pizzas prompted several controllers in the U.S. to promise to take their summer holidays in Canada, as a way of showing their appreciation.

The controllers missed their first cheques Friday as a result of the partial shutdown. Thousands are suing the federal government as a result of the situation.

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