Swoop releases core summer schedule

Swoop 737-800
Swoop airlines released its core summer schedule on Nov. 27, focusing on its Hamilton hub and its secondary city, Edmonton. (credit: Swoop)

Ultra low-cost carrier Canadian Swoop has released its core summer schedule, concentrating on markets the airline already knows well.

Swoop maintains its structure of a hub in Hamilton, Ontario and a concentration on the city of Edmonton. It will also continue to serve the Canadian cities of Abbotsford, east of Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifax.

Swoop will fly 38 times weekly out of its hub in Hamilton, and another 34 times weekly from its secondary city of Edmonton. The lone route to the United States will be a daily flight from Edmonton to Las Vegas.

“The schedule released today confirms our commitment to serving our core airports through the summer of 2019,” said Karen McIsaac, Senior Advisor of Communications at Swoop. “Our ability to continue offering these routes substantiates our success and aids Swoop in acquiring the loyalty of our travellers in these markets.”

The announcement means Edmonton, and to a lesser extent Abbotsford, will continue to be the key battlground in the ultra low-cost battle between Swoop and its rival Flair. Flair has a more extensive network, with its hub in Edmonton, but dropped Hamilton as a destination this fall when it moved flights to Toronto Pearson airport.

Both airlines are quickly adding capacity. Swoop already flies six Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a seventh on the way. Flair generally operates older Boeing 737-400 aircraft, but is in the process of buying the newer -800 version, which offers more seats, lower costs, and greater range.

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