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New stamps honour Canadian aviation Heritage

Canadians in Flight (photo: CNW Group/Canada Post).

Canada Post has issued a series of five stamps honouring Canada’s history of aviation and innovation.

The stamps feature:

  • Elise MacGill – Canada’s first woman to become an aeronautical engineer and work as a professional aircraft designer
  • William George Barker – A First World War pilot who flew more than 900 missions and is credited with more than 50 enemy kills. Awarded the Victoria Cross and remains the most decorated member of the military in the British Empire
  • C.H. “Punch” Dickens – A bush pilot who logged more than 1.6 million km flying over Northern Canada, made the first reconnaissance flight across the unmapped Barren Lands of the¬†Northwest Territories
  • Ultraflight Lazair – Still one of the best light aircraft ever made, the Lazair was designed by Dale Kramer of Port Colborne, Ontario and sold in kits between 1979 and 1985.
  • Avro Arrow – Still considered one of, if not the, greatest achievement in Canadian aviation, the CF-105 could fly at more than twice the speed of sound.

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